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Sealcoating provides protection from the sun, water, resistance against weather and asphalt eating fluids such as oil or gas. There are many different types of sealing coating ranging from acrylic based solution to oil based solutions and even water based solutions each provides their own benefits.

Acrylic-based sealcoating is often times used in sporting applications such as tennis and basketball courts. Reason being is that these Acrylic solutions provide extra grit for traction and can be many different colors.

Oil based solutions are often used for its color since it turns flat black after the installation. This is useful for driveways that have never been seal coated to help retain the black color for longer.

Water based solutions have the advantage of being applied neatly and quickly as well as having many different blends for different effects. These solutions often being used in residential areas although there are heavy duty blends for industrial use.

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