Asphalt Services

Asphalt Paving Group is the most referred paving contractor in PA. We provide full driveway replacement, asphalt driveways, small repairs, and removal of old driveways. Asphalt Paving Group is the asphalt service that will design the custom look you need or even show you how to have a stamped asphalt driveway at a fraction of the cost compared to pavers or stamped concrete. We understand your home is a big investment and we treat the work requested as such. When you have a driveway done professionally it looks great and will last for many years. We have become the best full-service asphalt contractor in the area.

After four generations of commercial and industrial paving, we understand proper planning to keep your lot open for business. We engage the proper execution for signage and stripping. We are the experts to maximize parking space and present a professional first appearance to your business.

Asphalt Paving Group Services

Commercial/Industrial: You do not have to shut down your business to get a parking lot installed if properly planned and executed with Asphalt Paving Group

  • From Signage to striping to paving we remain efficient to design and create a safe parking area
  • Let us redesign your parking lot to maximize parking space to tailor fit your needs

Seal Coating

  • Protection from sun, water and Asphalt eating fluids (oil, gas, etc.)


  • Many colors to choose from
  • Extra grit for traction
  • Sporting court applications ( basketball, tennis, lacrosse etc.)
  • Stamped asphalt
Commercial and Residential Asphalt Paving

Oil Based:

  • Black and glossy during initial installation
  • Turning to flat black
  • Gilsonite sealcoating/ asphalt hardener
  • Great for driveways that have never been sealed or don’t have too many cracks


  • Hand applied in residential areas neatly and quickly
  • Commercial applications / heavy duty blends
  • Many types of water based sealers

Hot Rubberized crack filing!

Commercial and Residential

Striping / Traffic Marking :

  • Sport surfaces (official / unofficial use
  • Playgrounds
  • Custom stencils
  • Signage
  • ADA handicap certified
  • Temporary / permanent

Let us design your home court or even find more space for parking at your business!

Not to current ADA specs?      Let us bring you up to code!

  • High traffic fast drying materials

Stamped / Decorative Asphalt :

  • The look of EP Henry or Block at a fraction of the cost and half the time
  • Borough crossings
  • Schools
  • Walkways and patios
  • Commercial and residential
  • Patented Procedure
  • Many colors and patterns to customize any house

Already have a stamped driveway?

Need it re-colored?

$2 per sq. ft. re-color special!

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