Pickle Ball & Tennis Court Asphalt Paving Services

Asphalt paving group is certified and insured in installing Pickleball & Tennis Courts 

 Asphalt Surface Paving for Pickleball Courts

Asphalt courts are faster to construct and can be lower in initial cost compared to concrete courts. Going with a fine finished asphalt court can be the best option when it comes to finding a balance between quality and price. Our Asphalt pickle ball courts hold up over time and look beautiful upon finish. Striping and regulated dimensions of all pickleball courts are updated to sport regulation. When it comes to finding the right crew to install your new pickle ball court, look no further. Give us a call here at Asphalt paving group to receive a quote on all pickle ball asphalt paving jobs!


Pickleball Court Asphalt paving installation

 Asphalt Resurface Paving for Pickleball Courts

It is highly recommended that every five years your pickleball court is resurfaced or repaved with new a new asphalt layer. If the pickleball court is used commercially for regulated games, or tournaments it is recommended to resurface the asphalt even more frequently. Avoiding a resurfaced asphalt job on any pickleball court can cause flaws in-game. Cracks and uneven asphalt can lead to flawed ball movement. Call today to schedule a Professional Asphalt Resurfacing job for your pickleball court today.

Pickleball Court Asphalt Resurfacing company

 Asphalt Paving Company For Tennis Courts

Asphalt Paving Group is certified and insured to install asphalt tennis courts. Over the years we have perfected our craft and have installed numerous perfect tennis courts. regardless of color-ways, lining, or location, we can get the Job done. Call us today to learn more about how we can help assist you with your tennis court installation. Creating beautiful tennis courts for residential and commercial locations is our specialty.


Pickleball Court Color Combinations | Court Designer

Create your own pickleball court color combinations
Use our Pickleball Court Designer to create your own pickleball court color combinations. Choose from our 18 standard court colors.

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