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Asphalt Paving Group is the most referred full-service paving contractor and the go-to brand name for asphalt paving in Chester and Delaware Counties. We are a fourth-generation full-service asphalt company offering the following paving services Asphalt Paving, Blacktop Paving, Golf Course Cart Pathway, Sealcoating, Striping, Patching, Tennis Courts and Tar & Chip. We are the company that is most often referred by customer’s friends, neighbors, and family members. We are proud when we are the brand referred so often. That tells us we are doing the job correctly. Our company is the best option available for any type of asphalt work in the area. Asphalt Paving Group is a fourth-generation company and knows to become a 5th generation company you must put the clients first. When this happens the 5th generation Asphalt Paving Group will have the top-rated name that our service has worked so hard to achieve and maintain. We offer Asphalt Paving for Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Seal Coating, Stamped Asphalt, Stripping, and Traffic Marking. Asphalt Paving Group offers our clients the choice Acrylic, Oil Based and Water Based Seal Coating. We are one of the very few Stamped Asphalt Companies in the greater Philadelphia area. Asphalt Paving Group is committed to providing quality,superior workmanship and long lasting materials. Our full service driveway asphalt company always puts the customer first. We have the the sophisticated / modern equipment along with a highly trained support staff to handle big or delicate jobs, like settling of asphalt next to Pavers. We are the best option for quality of work and our prices are very fair. We only hire experienced highly trained contractors to work for our company.

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