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 Asphalt Surface Paving for Basketball Courts

Asphalt is a good option, but it has the tendency to deteriorate and break with time, endangering players and anybody else on the court. Asphalt Paving Group delivers dependable asphalt paving solutions for outdoor basketball courts. The prepared subgrade should be directly covered with the asphalt concrete base course, which should be spread out and compacted to a thickness of no more than 4 inches. Asphalt Basketball Courts are a great addition to residential homes. They provide a beautiful bright area for leisure on your property. When it comes to colorways we have them all. Want an asphalt basketball court but conceded about colorway options being too exotic? Call today to find out how we can help blend your asphalt court into your yard in a subtle manner.


Basketball Court Asphalt paving installation
Basketball Court Asphalt Resurfacing company

 Asphalt Resurface Paving for Basketball Courts

Asphalt Basketball courts can be a great alternative to other materials. Asphalt is known to have a cleaner finish and last longer than other leading materials. When it comes to having a commercial asphalt basketball court, it can be hard to find the right company to hire. Look no further! Here at Asphalt paving group, we have years of experience in paving asphalt basketball courts. Asphalt basketball courts can be a great addition to commercial properties. Asphalt basketball courts can be an investment that pays for itself over time. Materials we use can last for decades, and look fresh for just as long. Call us today to learn more.


Customized Asphalt Basketball Courts

Interested in Customizing your Asphalt Basketball Court today? colorways are available and come in all different shades and colors. Find the court that suites your needs.

Customized Asphalt Basketball Court Company

Court Designer – Basketball

Create your own basketball court color combinations
Use our Basketball Court Designer to create your own basketball court color combinations. Choose from our 18 standard court colors.

Court Color

Border Color

3 Point Area Color

Key Color

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Center Court Circle

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